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Desktop Magnifier

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Magnifier sometimes loses its "Always on Top" setting?

Any form in Windows may be set as "Always on Top". It is just the question whether programmers left that property to user's decision or not. However, any application can influence on other applications' windows and their properties, thus removing their topmost settings. Constant checking and forcing of this setting would be a bad idea as it could cause serious problems with some other applications.

Therefore, if Desktop Magnifier gets behind any other Window regardless "Always on Top" setting is turned on, simply re-apply it by unchecking and then checking it again. For that, you may use the hotkey Ctrl+T twice. If this happens often, try to configure the application that causes the problem.

Q: Why Magnifier does not "see" some windows?

If you wish to magnify all windows, including those that use alpha blending (transparency) feature, menu option "Magnify Own Window" must be turned on.

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