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Desktop Ruler

Current Release

Desktop Ruler 3.35

  1. Single bugfix
    • using custom measurement units could cause a crash upon the next launch of Desktop Ruler

Releases History

Desktop Ruler 3.34

  1. Single bugfix
    • in a previous build one line of code accidentaly got deleted, causing a series of bugs - sorry!

Desktop Ruler 3.33

  1. Removed "Minimize to Tray" menu option
    • handling the application minimized to system tray was not intuitive enough, so this option is permanently removed

Desktop Ruler 3.32

  1. Single bugfix
    • application does not show a taskbar icon any more, just like in older versions up to 3.28

Desktop Ruler 3.31

  1. Security patch
    • application INI file moved from setup to user appdata filder
    • ruler now runs without interfering with UAC settings

Desktop Ruler 3.30

  1. Improved performance
    • smoother ruler dragging on 64-bit versions of Windows
    • faster new version checking
    • unicode support for languages with different character sets

Desktop Ruler 3.28

  1. Single bugfix
    • corrected wrong positioning of information and hints in case of scale drawn on the lower edge of the ruler

Desktop Ruler 3.27

  1. Single bugfix
    • corrected reversed order of RGB components display from the previous release

Desktop Ruler 3.26

  1. Improved message dialogs
    • help button does not close the dialog
    • dialog always stays above the ruler window
  2. Show information option updated
    • RGB color components are now displayed in decimal and hexadecimal format
  3. Setup optimization
    • new code and optimization resulted with some 20% smaller installation program
  4. Minor bugfix
    • some screen savers were causing "Can't create compatible..." cascading error messages

Desktop Ruler 3.25

  1. New localization routines
    • enabled user interface translation to any language without interventions in source code
    • new translations can be distributed separately to avoid new version notifications
  2. Better Online Help
    • online help now includes a full text search option

Desktop Ruler 3.24

  1. Screensaver compliance
    • improved mouse position reading routine that caused occasional interferences with some screensavers

Desktop Ruler 3.23

  1. Single bugfix
    • fixed extremely stupid mistake we made in release 3.22 that crashed Ruler after clean installation (only if there was no "ini" file from any of the previous releases)

Desktop Ruler 3.22

  1. Single bugfix
    • fixed a bug that caused error messages if user tried to log off or shut down Windows while Ruler was running

Desktop Ruler 3.21

  1. New message dialog
    • standard system message dialog is replaced with a custom one, providing better design, full unicode support and custom buttons
  2. Bugfixes
    • improved detection of Desktop Magnifier installation when launched from Ruler
    • fixed a minor bug in new version detection

Desktop Ruler 3.20

  1. New version check
    • menu options for automatic and manual checking to find out if there is a newer version without opening a Web browser
    • please note that from now on, registered users will not receive e-mail notifications any more

Desktop Ruler 3.18

  1. Single bugfix
    • fixed a bug that sometimes required user to have administrative privileges

Desktop Ruler 3.17

  1. Integration with Desktop Magnifier
    • new menu option and keyboard shortcut for launching Desktop Magnifier from Desktop Ruler user interface
  2. New languages
    • user interface is now available in two new languages: German and French
    • new menu options for selecting new languages
  3. Hide Logo
    • new menu option for removing Coder logo from the Ruler
  4. Show Advanced Options
    • new menu option for filtering the most often menu items
  5. Minor improvements and bugfixes
    • menu items for quick support requests (e-mail)
    • improved installation procedure
    • icons for language menu items
    • corrected translation and positioning of "Color Preview Area" text on Custom Settings form

Complete history of prior releases of each product is a part of the Online Help that comes within that application Setup.

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